Rhythmize and Harmonize A Melody 1 – The Nguyen Composes

Here’s a challenge: This is a melody without any rhythm.

Use the notes in this specific order, from the beginning, and choose the duration for each one (a whole note, half note, eight note, etc.) to form some musical sentences. It doesn’t need to have a 4/4 time signature (and it’s also fine if it is). We don’t need to use all the notes. Stop where we think it makes sense. Or, if we need more notes, loop back to the beginning, still in that specific order. Then, harmonize the new melody we came up with!

Here’s the results:

Melody 1

Melody 2

Melody 3

Melody 4

Melody 5

Here’s the interactive noteflight music sheet with all the melodies.

Harmless Mischief – The Nguyen Composes

Optional audio if your computer can’t handle Noteflight embed above

The part below is just me nerding out about music theory.

So I worked on a new tune, vaguely based on the melody of my other tune Expectation:

This is not the new tune (yet), dummy!
Got rid of the old harmonies, took the melody and strip down all the decorative eight notes like so
Changed that to 4/4 measure, cracked my knuckle and see how wild I can go with this “template”
Yeah that looks different! Check right below for the audio of things at this point.
Hmm, sounds interesting, I can dig it.

To me, the excessive major chords, ignoring scale notes paints some forced happiness, creating a naughty and borderlines creepy atmosphere. This is when I materialized the image of a con artist deceiving people.

I added more notes to the melody, jumping up and down all over the place, sometimes into a tri-tone interval to create a sense of wariness. I also added the low notes following the high notes at the end of some measures to portrait the con artist’s forced happy appearance on the surface to deceive people, and the real intention lurking underneath. The low notes can also be heard as the con artist’s enjoying himself, knowing that he has successfully pulled off the feast.