Intensely study music to make that become my career in the near future.

I’m studying music theory by taking classes and self-teach myself from the wonderfully structured series of books Celebrating Theory. Understanding more of reading and writing music, along with basic implications of some certain ways of arranging helps me a long way to continue studying great works by different composers, in the past as well the present, and copy the good aspects of their works.

I’m part of a choir, singing bass. I enjoy being in the choir since I can expand my classical music knowledge. But more importantly, I enjoy being indulged in music, I enjoy observing the different voices part merge together beautifully to create the ever forming product of the choir. Once in a while, in the middle of a practice session or even a performace, I would pause mentally to appreciate the beauty we each contributie to. I know, what do you expect from a guy crying from seeing Captain America’s friendship with Bucky?

I also take an improv acting class. This is to force me get out of my own way in creating. The spontaneity nature of the class requires us to, more often than not, burst out the first thing that comes to our mind. This is especially helpful in getting in the mindset of creating the crappy first draft in both music and writing. I can’t treasure this enough.

Other than that, I’m trying my best to balance my current 9-5, which supports everything I mentioned above at the moment.