Hey! It’s Thien “The Nguyen”.

Me? I have a soft spot for observing the beautiful harmony of life, the way an a system like economic works wondrously with every gear turning in sync. I enjoy learning the intricate strategies of sports like cycling, chess, Dota 2, see how people adapt those strategies to the circumstances, and execute those strategies with precision. I tear up when I see a perfect combination of music and visual describing the highest level of human emotions. In short, I adore Beauty and Knowledge. Read more about me at a more nitty-gritty level here.

In this blog, I write about life philosophy and share my music compositions.

Some music compositions I want to highlight: A Short Story, Staccato Blues, What Remains, and Expectation. See more by going to the Music tab on the Menu.

If you want to appreciate Beauty and Knowledge along side me, try listening to this story I told through music, reading my short rant on how music connects people, or reading how I recognized my ignorance.

If you are searching for the meaning of life, here are my ways of doing just that through pondering death, and bearing children.

Here’s how to be happier through detaching from the materialism world, or being kinder to ourselves.

If you find yourself worried sick in planning for the future, start with this post on the unknown future. And if you are not sure which career path to pursue, read the economy of care.

Feeling social pressure to conform? Don’t be! I tried to be deliberately weird, and nothing happened. If we don’t want to, we don’t need to drink, we don’t need to talk, we don’t even need to conform. Only our own expectations are the ones worth pursuing.

This blog was originally created as a mean for me to practice writing and composing. Here is my reflection after one month of doing so.

Here’s to Beauty and Knowledge!