Welcome to The Nguyen Blog

Cool! Thanks WordPress for getting me started on this journey.

Thien “The Nguyen” here. This blog was started as a personal challenge. I started writing daily for a full month in July of 2019 as an expedited way to learn writing. What’s better than learning by doing, right?

July has ended and my challenge has concluded (read my reflection on this blogging expedition), but the blog sticks around. Why? I’m getting more and more used to the feeling of expressing myself to the world. And that proves to be quite important in a music composing career, which I aim toward. Though, to be fair, any creative career requires that.

Regarding my writing, my friends sometimes say: “Goddammit Thien, stop trying to be a philosopher!”

Now, I have a deep respect for the great philosophers of the past and present, and I don’t think what I do ever constitutes such level. I’m merely a dude who was (and sometimes still is) scared shitless of the future, of not knowing what to do with my life. So, I try to reflect and reason through things. I share my thoughts here with the hope that people who share my fear can also find some consolation.

Life and death serve as the bases for many of my reflections. Some say my view is morbid. I think I have a positive view. I face the abyss, but I don’t let it consume me. I stare into death and find the positivity from it: the energy to enjoy life to the fullest. I gaze into the unknown, not through the lens of anxiety, but through the lens of curiosity.

I share my music on this blog. If you compare music to a language, my current music skill doesn’t allow me to express my thoughts and emotions at the level I could when I use English. They are still good music, nonetheless. In fact, I listen to many of my pieces on a loop daily. Egotistical much? Nah, that’s authenticity! I think musicians should only share their music if they really enjoy it, first and foremost. Musicians should not make music merely because they think that’s what other people like to hear. Check the music tab from the top menu! Some of them are infused with storytelling, some of them are influenced by jazz and funk, some of them leans toward classical.

Go to the About page for an overview of my posts. There is a follow button somewhere either below or to the left. If you can find it, and if you can digest what I write, click it for more.

-Thien The Nguyen, updated November 14th, 2019

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